About Taste Porto: Porto's longest-running Food Tour company

Taste the real Porto

We’re the founding fathers of food tours in Porto. First mentioned in passing over a holiday dinner among friends, Taste Porto has grown from its humble beginnings into what it is today.

Featured on Anthony Bourdain, Rick Steves, Sunday Times, The Guardian, Lonely Planet and more, Taste Porto is Porto's longest-running Food Tour company and a leader in showcasing the rich history and culture to thousands of guests who visit our wonderful city every year.

It all started when two Porto natives and one American forged ahead with the business idea that combined their love of Porto with their second love: the cuisine of Porto.

Avid travelers, taste testers, at-home chefs, and cultural explorers, the team realized that what they valued most from their travels was the opportunity to meet locals and see the city through their eyes. And so it was unanimously decided that Taste Porto would do exactly that: allow people to taste the real Porto.

As the first and only tour operator focused solely on gastronomic experiences in Porto, Taste Porto team members are passionate about local gastronomy and strive for each and every guest to fall in love with the city and its food.


At Taste Porto we believe food is a cultural expression. That is why our guided walking tours are about more than just the food, we want to share the history, architecture, culture, and cuisine of our beloved city. So that you can taste the real Porto.

Our Manifesto

Travel is a learning opportunity and it starts at home. Read about where you are going before you get there. Searching and planning is part of the experience, not just the hassle before it. You are an explorer, a back door traveler. The torch is yours.

If you don't enjoy a place at first, give that culture the benefit of your open mind. Share your questions and discuss them with others. Preferably at a table. Over a beer. And some appetizers. As our good fellow Anthony Bourdain would put it: "there isn’t much that can’t be solved through good food, good drink, and the company of good people."

Growing up, you learned life's important lessons at the dinner table. Keep on doing that. Every interaction is a good opportunity to make a connection. You carry the torch every time you ignore the tourist traps and seek authenticity.

Travel slow. Walk lightly. Change plans at the last minute. Learn some phrases in the local language. Eat local food. Go where locals go. All emotions are beautiful when you travel. Let them in.

Sitting in a traditional cafe, you become part of the cityscape. You bring humanity back to places when you decide to do so. The world needs more of that.

Traveling is realizing how small one actually is in the great scheme of things... and walking away then, a better version of ourselves.

Our team

First, we eat. Then we do everything else. Connect with one of our Porto tour guides and get ready to eat like a local while discovering a side of Porto that most tourists rarely see.

André Apolinário


André was born and raised in Porto and is a proud lover of Porto’s food and football team. He sees each Food Tour as an opportunity to show people all the beauty of Porto, which he does through a combination of facts, memories, and personal, everyday experiences.

Ricardo Brochado

Senior Tour Guide

Ricardo is a retired archeologist that was tired of eating dirt. He joined Taste Porto and lived happily ever after, surrounded by food and wine! You will be challenged not to catch his infectious love of the city’s cuisine, one of the best in the world according to him.

Sérgio Costa

Senior Tour Guide

A vinyl and cinema enthusiast addicted to flavors, ranging from curated meats to cheese, wine, and desserts, Sérgio wears many hats other than guiding you through Porto's food!

Miguel Lestre

Senior Tour Guide

A musician and food aficionado, Miguel is also in love with Porto, its hidden gems and stories. He is nothing less than happy to share his city's secrets with you.

Ricardo Leite

Senior Tour Guide

A stand-up comedian by night, storyteller during the day, Ricardo will share Porto’s most important heritage, the one alive and kicking inside these northern folk of Porto, aka tripe eaters, accustomed to having little, yet always ready to set one, or more places at the table, for long hours of sharing, not only food or wine but stories and memories, about food and wine!

Tânia Azevedo

Marketing Manager

Tânia's culinary skills may still be a work in progress, but one thing is for sure: she loves eating. She deeply believes that getting a flight ticket to Porto is the closest any human being can get to the feeling of receiving a letter from Dumbledore. She also thinks that Taste Porto has the best foodie experiences out there.

Iara Maia

Customer Service Chef

Iara is a food lover who can’t decide whether she loves cooking or eating the most (but probably eating…) She is a movie and TV buff, she loves music, and besides being a Customer Service Chef, she is also a freelance Chinese translator. She has lived one year in China and another one in Pakistan, as well as done some traveling, and has already decided there is no better place to live (and eat) than Portugal!

Marta Ferreira

Tour Guide

A graffiti writer by night and a food lover all the time! Marta is proudly from Porto and will show you our culture through her experience. Can’t live without a minimum of one francesinha a month, and is very happy while in the kitchen cooking for family and friends.

Ângelo Clasen

Tour Guide

Ângelo is a passionate storyteller of the city's gastronomic soul during the day. At night, he transforms into a music-loving DJ, fully immersed in the vibrant rhythms that bring the city to life. With Ângelo as your trusted guide, you'll embark on an unforgettable journey to uncover the true flavors of Porto.

Rita Neves

Tour Guide

Born and raised in Porto, Rita is an "old soul" that has taken over her grandmas place as "the best cook in the house". She is also a curious and creative artist and history enthusiast that feels the happiest when sharing all of the beautiful things that Porto has to offer!

Pedro Cardoso

Tour Guide

Pedro is between a storyteller and a cinema and theater actor. Born and raised in Porto, was always an enthusiast about traditional Portuguese food. He’s ready to share with you the seventh wonders of Portuguese culinary, as well as the best local spots to experience them.

André Barbosa

Tour Guide

A long time ago, André left the smallest city in Portugal to pursue his dream of becoming a writer. He moved to Porto and instantly fell in love with the city's historical heritage. There are three things he cannot live without: food, spicy food and talking about spicy food. There are also two things you shouldn't ask him: which restaurant serves the best Francesinha in Porto and why is The Lord of the Rings the best story ever written. He won't ever stop talking, if you do.

Tour Guide

We are looking for you!

We have a lot on our plate right now! Would you like to join us? Keep scrolling to learn more.


We offer an amazing team environment, continuous learning and great foodie adventures. Would you like to join us?

If you currently live in Porto and love this city; if you love food and the food of Porto; and if you love meeting people from all over the World, we might just be looking for you! Join us and become one of our local expert food tour guides.

This is a part-time job that requires at least fluency in Portuguese and English, but the more the merrier, they say! And happy people. We like happy employees!

Got the passion but no guiding experience? Not to worry! We will provide training.

Do you think you are The One? If so, please email us at [email protected] with the following:

  • In the subject line: Application for Food Tour Guide;

  • In the body of the email: Your cover letter, including why you would be perfect for the job (all text must be in English);

  • Also in the body of the email: A link for a short video under 1min30sec where you introduce yourself to us;

  • Attached: Your CV.

We promise to reply to all candidates with a yes or no. Just bear in mind the process may take a few weeks. We look forward to learning more about you!

PS: If you don't follow these guidelines, your application won't be considered and we will UNLEASH Ricardo. Trust us, you don't want to know what THAT is.


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